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Terms of Service Agreement

By using this website, FDD Today, I understand and agree to the following Terms of Service: The FDD PDF files offered for sale may be purchased for your personal use only. You are expressly prohibited from republishing these FDDs in any form, knowingly forwarding them to others who intend to republish them in any form, consolidating them for the purposes of solicitation or any other commercial purpose.

You may purchase and download FDD’s for your own personal, non-commercial purposes, and not in connection with the purchase of a specific franchise.

FDD Today does not warrant that these FDDs are current, accurate, complete and/or otherwise comply with applicable federal and/or state franchise laws.

FDD Today is not an agent, broker or representative of any Franchisor and the downloading of an FDD from this site shall not be considered the pre-sale delivery of an FDD to a prospective franchisee by a franchisor as required under applicable Federal and State franchise laws. If you are considering the purchase of a Franchise for any of the concepts represented by the FDDs found on this site, you agree to ask the Franchisor for the most current form of the FDD and have it reviewed by an experienced franchise lawyer before you purchase the franchise.

We reserve the right to suspend or cancel your account, refuse all sales and pursue any and all remedies provided for by law if we suspect you are in violation of this agreement.

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